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Time is money. Billable or non-billable. Timelines and timetables. Measured by timecards and timesheets.

There is overtime and downtime. Daytime and nighttime. Dinnertime and lunchtime.

Sometimes you waste time. If you don’t have time, make time. Your pastime might be playtime. In the springtime or summertime or wintertime.

In due time, you might have free time. It’s been a longtime since bedtime. You wish you had the time.

Time is sensitive. You need more time. Facetime.


One at a time, you can save time.

In your lifetime, it might be showtime. Anytime. Primetime is big time. Me time.

And in the meantime, the first time is the last time. This time, you might run out of time.

Do you remember the time? You lost time? All the time or most of the time.

Time flies and time crawls. In real-time. You have time to kill and time heals all wounds.


What is your concept of time? It’s time.

Time is a lot of things. It is not one-dimensional.

Let me explain. Just give me some …


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