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As 2017 comes to a close, here are 17 things I learned in the year 2017.

  1. Time only moves faster as you get older.

  2. If something isn’t working, do the opposite of whatever you’re trying.

  3. Best answer is a question.

  4. Physical gifts are often silly. You would rather be given time.

  5. Happiness comes down to you need something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.

  6. Humans are complex. Don’t cartoonize them.

  7. Information has never been easier to get, and it’s never been harder to trust.

  8. Take responsibility always, don’t blame anyone else.

  9. Treat the doorman with more respect than the big boss.

  10. The most selfish thing that you can possibly do is serve other people. Because it makes you so happy.

  11. If you find something boring, avoid it.

  12. Things are never as rosy as someone describes, and never as dreadful either.

  13. If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you’re a fraud.

  14. Nothing is worse than feeling ignored. Notice people, acknowledge them.

  15. Being an adult is about doing what you don’t want to do.

  16. Stand up for yourself because no one else will.

  17. Value is determined by the comparisons you make, and you can always make different comparisons.