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Most Overlooked Part of Remote Work

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Remote work has never been more en vogue.

A global pandemic means now almost everyone has experience working from home.

There used deep resistance to remote work in the past. There is no substitute for meeting in person. Face-to-face communication is crucial. If you let employees work from home, how you will you know that they’re actually working?

The pandemic cuts through all of that because there isn’t much of an alternative.

Remote work is a more or less a requirement for me and my career in the future. I believe in it, and value it.

I’ve worked remotely since 2014.

There are lots of perks.

No commute. No dress code. More time with family. More flexibility to complete work on your own time. A pet as your co-worker.

I remember when I first start working remotely, I loved the fact that I felt like I actually had time to do laundry.

But over time, I think there is one aspect a lot of us ignore when it comes to remote work.

The people.

In my experience, I’ve worked with a ton of brilliant people. These people live in different areas of the country or they live in completely different countries.

These people have different beliefs, ways to communicate, and unique talents.

I’m confident there is no way I would have met similar people, if where I worked, everyone was from the same town.

When you get to work with people from all over, it changes your perspective on many things. It makes you a better person because it forces you to actually work with people that are not like you.

It makes you more aware of the differences in people.

And that we’re all human beings.

The next time someone asks why you prefer remote work or you interview for a remote job, consider the opportunity it brings to meet people not like you and the upside of that opportunity.

It’s invaluable.