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New year

This post will take you about 3 minutes to read.

About a year ago, I published a few different goals.

This is an attempt to grade how I did on those goals, and add a few ideas headed into 2023.

Run no less than 15 miles and no more than 25 miles in a week

Completed. I ran just over 1,000 miles in 2022 or about 20 miles per week.

The Elizabeth 8K race at the end of April was a big help. The race is around five miles and my goal was to run it in under 38 minutes. I met that goal and finished in around 36 minutes.

I did find as the year went on, this became harder for me to get motivated. I fell in November and this slowed my progress. It was not pleasant, but I was able to power through.

The lack of running or being outside increased my anxiety a ton. It was really important for me to get back out there, even if I was moving super slow.

Read at least one book and no more than three books every three months

Incomplete or failed.

I finished only one book - Dilla Time, an awesome book about legendary producer J Dilla.

I was not disciplined enough to meet this goal. The transition in working from home with a newborn has been rough. Any free time is not spent reading a book right now. There is little silence.

I tried audio books, but couldn’t get into it. I tried books around work or product management, and it was awful. It felt overwhelming. I’m not quite sure how to meet this one in the future.

Write and share code snippets at least once a week


I took a course, R for the rest of us, and it was a huge help to push me out of my comfort zone. I learned a good amount and decided to publish a weekly newsletter in 500 words or less with at one data visualization about Carolina sports. I’m sharing the code here.

R is super powerful, and I hope to continue writing more code in the future.

What is next?

2023 is here. The past year has felt like 10 minutes and 10 years at the same time.

This year, I’m trying to operate in shorter time frames. I’ve learned a lot can change in 12 months. It feels almost too long to set a goal, so I’m going to try to make progress one month at a time.

Two ideas so far:

  1. Run 20 days in the month of January. The hint here is I ran 230 days in 2022. The goal is to increase that to 250. Even if it’s one mile or nine miles.
  2. Share code once a week and publish the newsletter. This is a way for me to continue practicing and learning R. I’m not sure if the newsletter makes it to the end of the year, but this month feels doable.