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Experience separates the old from the young. The good from the bad. The disciplined from the reckless.

But how do you get experience?

I remember asking myself this question. Like a lot of my peers, I lost out on several jobs because of one thing. Experience.

It’s a deflating cycle. Why do you need experience to get experience? If you had experience, you wouldn’t need experience.

The truth is experience is all around you. It comes from the most unlikely places. You just have to open your eyes and embrace it.

Know why and where you are going.

Don’t just do whatever makes you happy. That is empty advice. Max Temkin and the founders of Cards Against Humanity shared their values and beliefs. Be funny and stay independent.

Temkin’s business experience prior to building a best-selling board game? A summer at Radioshack. Now he shares his experiences with others.

“We had no idea what we were doing, but we had vision and values.”

Max Temkin, Creative Mornings Talk

Connect the dots.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a salesman. He’s built a multi-million dollar wine business, wrote best-selling books, and now runs a successful creative agency. Before all that, he came from zero.

He went from selling baseball cards to selling wine. Because he connected the dots of his past experiences.

“Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr., Wayne Gretzky. Silver Oak, Caymus, Chateau Lafite. Same shit.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, The Cain Conversation

If you want more experience, share what you believe. Try new things. Volunteer. Work for nothing. Be patient. Ask for help.