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Elephants have come up a lot lately for me.

Metaphors and analogies are everywhere. Lessons.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bit at a time.

Just start. Get some momentum. Chip Away.

Do you know the story of the elephant, the rider, and the path?

Everyone one has two sides. A rider and an elephant.

The rider represents the left brain. Rational. Analytical.

The rider needs evidence.

The elephant represents the right brain. Emotional. Impulsive.

The elephant is all feelings.

The rider and the elephant are opposites.

Remember that the elephant is stronger than the rider.

Change only comes when the elephant and the rider move together.

Do you know the story of the men touching the elephant?

One thought the elephant was a rope.

Another thought it was a tree.

The third man thought it was a snake.

Perception matters.

You cannot get the big picture from a linear sum of observations.